Write for Rights

Number of signatures so far for Write for Rights 2021


When we all act together, we are more powerful. That is the driving force behind Write for Rights, Amnesty’s global campaign and the world’s biggest human rights event.

The people you are helping today want to make the word a better place. They are demanding justice, and human rights for all. Many have been imprisoned, disappeared and attacked.

Every year, millions of individuals write letters, sign petitions and organise events. And it works! People are freed, justice is served, and the world becomes a better place. Every action counts, and these people need your help. Act now.

Your words have power. Write for rights now.

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Tell Guatemala to free Bernardo today

Tell the USA to speak out for Ciham

Tell Nigeria to drop all charges against Imoleayo

Tell Israel to protect Janna from discrimination and violence

Tell Belarus to release Mikita and give him a fair trial

Tell Egypt to release Baker immediately

Tell Thailand to drop all charges against Rung

Demand justice for Wendy from Mexico’s authorities

Tell Ukraine to bring Sphere’s attackers to justice

Tell China to free Zhang Zhan immediately