Fundraising Statement

As the promotion and protection of human rights is not recognised as a charitable purpose under Irish law, Amnesty International cannot register as a charity in Ireland. However, in order to ensure best practice and the highest possible standards in how we raise funds for our work, we apply the principles and guidelines for best practice from the Charities Regulator’s Guidelines for Charitable Organisations on Fundraising from the public.

We are committed to achieving the standards outlined in the Guidelines which underline the importance of a number of key principles, including:

  • All fundraising from the public is carried out in an open, transparent, honest, respectful and accountable manner.
  • Fundraising should always be underpinned by an appropriate legal framework.
  • Fundraising will be done in a way which protects the  reputation of the organisation and encourages public trust and confidence in the sector more generally, following the law and recognised standards showing respect for beneficiaries, donors and the public.

In depth

  • Download the full Guide. (PDF)