Become an Activist

Why become an activist?

Amnesty is one of the biggest and most influential human rights movements in the world. Whether it’s demonstrating against injustice, campaigning for change or petitioning governments, our activists are at the forefront of the human rights movement. It is our activists who bring enthusiasm, ideas and creativity to our campaigns. There are many different ways to get involved by joining our networks.

Pocket Protest

Become a Pocket Protester to help defend free speech and stand up for human rights, simply by using your mobile phone. Pocket Protest is our SMS and WhatsApp Action Network. It’s made up of more than 3,000 passionate people who use their mobile phone to sign petitions and advocate for human rights.

Urgent Action Network

The Urgent Action Network has more than 165,000 activists across the world, including more than 2,100 in Ireland. The urgent action network works by inundating the authorities responsible with letters, emails and faxes demanding a halt to the human rights violations and to protect individuals at risk from human rights violations. They mobilise quickly to stop serious human rights abuses from happening.

Monthly Newsletter

Receive a monthly newsletter with simple and impactful actions and opportunities in our campaigning for human rights.

Our activists also participate in local Amnesty groups. Our groups lobby relevant decision-makers and campaign publicly to raise awareness and recruit new supporters. Many also support Amnesty’s work financially by becoming a member.

Our Activists Say

Niamh Scully

“Like most people I have always thought that I should do something more with my free time but never actually got around to it. My experiences with Amnesty International have been incredibly uplifting and positive.”

Cian O’Cuirc

“Being an activist with Amnesty International has allowed me to learn new skills in public speaking and engaging people. I’ve met some great people and been involved at demonstrations, festivals and speaking at schools. I’d encourage everyone to get involved.”

Dennis Boscovich

“It is very rewarding to know that through the work I do with Amnesty International  Ireland, I can positively influence the lives of so many  heroes who are standing up for human rights around the world.”