Act for Amnesty with pocket protest

Activism around the world is changing and we are too! These days activism often starts with putting your hand in your pocket, taking out your phone and registering your protest on social media. It’s also how most organising to defend human rights is happening around the world.

That’s why we are using mobile phones for our mobilising and organising as a more immediate way for us to make the most impact together!

Here’s how it works: You can opt in to receive messages from us on your phone. You can choose WhatsApp or SMS or both, whichever you prefer. These messages will contain actions you can do immediately to protect human rights around the world.

You will then get opportunities to join WhatsApp Groups with other Pocket Protestors to take part in Protests and Demonstrations, or to join longer term campaign groups to organise locally for campaigns, such as the Right to Housing or Sex Worker’s rights.

If you can’t take part for whatever reason, just leave us on read – we get it!

We’d like to send you direct WhatsApp messages through a Broadcast list. This allows us to send quick and easy actions directly to your phone to make an even bigger impact. These are individual messages for you from Amnesty – It’s not another dreaded WhatsApp Group!

Why be a Pocket Protest activist?

Every day, our activists’ campaign to protect human rights around the world. As a member of the Pocket Protest Network you will receive regular actions and updates on our work by WhatsApp and/or SMS message, depending which you sign up to. The Pocket Protest network provides a quick and easy way to engage in digital activism and mobilise to respond to Human Rights threats through social media. We will also send you other related information including conferences, fundraising events, training, and opportunities to participate in our global campaigns. You’ll also get information on volunteer opportunities like participating in summer music festivals like Forbidden Fruit, Longitude and Electric Picnic.

If you’re not on social media, DON’T WORRY! We will send periodic actions that don’t require a social media account.

If you don’t wanna do the phone thing – email us to get info on other ways to Act for Amnesty on act(at)

We’re looking for dedicated, passionate and reliable people who are interested in campaigning for a world where human rights are enjoyed by all.

We’d like to have you on board to act for human rights!

We hope you will join Pocket Protest!

We will message you no more than three times a week with short and quick actions you can take online or offline. You can message us too with anything you want to take action on! It works both ways!

How to sign up for Pocket Protest on Whatsapp:

Tell us a bit about yourself, you have to be 18 to join up for this but we will have a Pocket Protest for under 18s soon, email [email protected] for more info.

Join the pocket protest network

  • Are you over 18?
  • We’d love to keep you updated about our work – including information about our campaigns, fundraising appeals and events – and the impact we have by working together. Please let us know how we may contact you. Please tick the box if you are happy to receive updates from us by email, phone and text message:

Save our activism phone number 0866054778 to your contacts list and WhatsApp message ‘Amnesty IN’ to us. If you’ve downloaded WhatsApp on your phone, tablet or computer, you can also message us by clicking on this link (just be sure to save our number still).

How to sign up for Pocket Protest on SMS:

If you just want SMS there’s nothing more you need to do but remember. Texts charged at standard network rate, no more than 13c. Please ask bill payers permission. By giving us your number, you agree to future communication from Amnesty International Ireland by phone and SMS. From time to time, we will call you about getting more involved in our work. To unsubscribe from the network, text STOP to 51772 at any time. Please note that we can only accept Irish mobile numbers at this time.

It’s as simple as that!

Will your information/messages remain anonymous?

Yes! The beauty of a broadcast list on WhatsApp is none of your information will be shared outside our Teams at Amnesty International. You can’t see other people’s phone numbers or messages and they can’t see yours. The same goes with SMS – your replies will go directly to us and we will not share your information with any other parties.

Can you Opt-Out?

Yes! You can opt out at any time. To opt-out of WhatsApp, send the words ‘Amnesty OUT’ to the same number. To opt-out of SMS, text STOP to 51772. Then we’ll remove you from the list.

You can also download our activist toolkit.