Write for Rights – Secondary School

Your students can change lives.

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This year’s Write for Rights introduces your students to human rights through three stories – Jani Silva, METU pride Defenders and Nassima al-Sada. By participating in Write for Rights, your students will develop effective writing skills and experience first-hand the power of their words to make a difference.

This writing project has real-life impact: Your students’ letters are delivered to the people who have the power to positively influence this year’s cases.

These resources are free for you and your class to use.

Step 1: Sign up below so that we can email your Human Rights Education pack out to you. (Hard-copies can also be sent to your school upon request).

Step 2: Use the Teacher’s Guide, Case Sheet, Sample Letters and other tools to:
1. Inform your students about each case and discuss.
2. Write letters to a government official who can positively influence Jani’s case.
3. And/or write letters of hope to the individuals themselves
4. Post letters by 31st January 2021.

Step 3: Log your student’s participation – it is important for us to know how many letters have been sent so that we can share the information with both Jani and her family and the people we are trying to persuade. Report your letters here.

You are very welcome to contact us with any questions you might have: [email protected]

If you or your school can afford it, we would really appreciate a small donation towards the production of these assets.


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