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3rd May 2023, 14:19:08 UTC

The picnic is the launch of the 2023 Picnics Against Apartheid campaign

Amnesty International Ireland will host a picnic on Kildare St, outside Leinster House on Wednesday 10 May, at 1pm, and are calling on members of the public to come join them. The Picnics Against Apartheid series of events aim to raise awareness of the plight of Palestinians who are forced out of public spaces by Israeli authorities, often for something as simple as having a picnic.

Amnesty will be joined by members from the Irish Anti-Apartheid Campaign for Palestine, a group of organisations and activists who are pushing for the Irish Government to recognise what Israel is doing to Palestinians as Apartheid under international law.

“We are asking everyone to come down and join us in showing solidarity with Palestinians”, says Kevin Naughton, Campaigns Officer at Amnesty International Ireland.

“A key part of the Israeli authorities system of oppression against Palestinian people is by seizing land and property and denying them the use of space. By taking up space on their behalf, we can send a message that Palestinians voices are heard and we can help them stand up to discrimination.

“Senator Frances Black will speak at the event and we will have music from the fantastic oud player Imad Mistarihi. We’re hoping people will bring along their lunch and a blanket, and join us in standing up for the rights of Palestinians!”

The picnic at the Oireachtas is the first of a series of picnics to be held across the country to raise awareness of Israeli apartheid against Palestinians, from Belfast to Donegal to Cork to Galway. Anyone interested in attending or hosting a picnic can find out more at our sign up page.

May 10, Event Details
Location: Kildare Street, outside Leinster House
Time: 1 – 2pm
Action: Bring your lunch and enjoy snacks and music, stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine.


Picnics Against Apartheid is part of Amnesty International’s broader campaign to End Israeli Apartheid. This campaign follows the organisation’s report which found that Israel enforces a system of oppression and domination against the Palestinian people as part of a broader system which amounts to apartheid under international law. Amnesty International is campaigning for Israel to end its apartheid system; and for states, including Ireland, to formally recognise Israel as committing the crime of Apartheid against Palestinians.

The Anti-Apartheid Campaign for Palestine is campaigning to have the Irish Government recognise what is happening to Palestinians as Apartheid under international law and to ensure human rights for all. More information on the various members of the campaign can be found on the Amnesty website.