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Uganda Doubly Traumatised

30th November 2007, 13:21:46 UTC

Many women and girls in northern Uganda suffer sexual and gender-based violence
committed by state actors, including official authorities and military officers, and non-state
actors within the family and in the community.1 These women victims of violence in northern
Uganda often face insurmountable difficulties in trying to ensure that the perpetrators are
brought to justice. Many are afraid to report rape and other forms of violence, not only
because of intimidation, hostility and ridicule from the community, but also due to state
inaction in ensuring redress. As a result, the justice system in northern Uganda ignores, denies
and tacitly condones violence against women and girls and protects suspected perpetrators.
Amnesty International considers victims’ lack of access to justice as an issue of serious
concern warranting the immediate attention of the Ugandan government and the international

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