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5th April 2023, 15:41:14 UTC

Defend and celebrate the right to peaceful protest 

The right to protest is under attack globally. Activists all over the world are experiencing first-hand the escalation and normalisation of approaches and tactics that governments and security forces use to restrict, control and outlaw protest. In many parts of the world those who exercise their right to protest peacefully are harassed, beaten, imprisoned and killed.

Peaceful protest is a positive force for real human rights change yet activists and protestors continue to be vilified and stigmatised by governments and the media.

Join our new voluntary activist group!

Our goal:

All people are able to take peaceful action and make their voice heard safely and without repercussions.

Opportunities include:

  • Meeting new people and to work for human rights impact collectively.
  • Organising and delivering actions such as protests, rallies, photo-actions, flash-mobs, events and projects.
  • Human rights education on the right to peaceful protest and assembly.
  • Exploring, testing and using design-thinking and strategic campaigning concepts and tools.
  • Gaining experience in action planning and delivery.
  • Learning and experience to bring to other human rights issues you have a personal interest in or are affected by.

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