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25th April 2023, 15:10:52 UTC

Amnesty is hosting this pledge on behalf of the Irish Anti-Apartheid Campaign for Palestine

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The Irish Anti-Apartheid Campaign for PalestineFor over 75 years, Israel has created and maintained laws, policies, and practices that deliberately oppress Palestinians. This ensures Palestinians live under a system of Jewish-Israeli domination across Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT), and affects Palestinian refugees displaced in neighbouring countries.

The system is enforced by acts such as forcible transfer, drastic movement restrictions, fragmentation of communities, unlawful killings, arbitrary detention and torture, separation of families and the denial of nationality and citizenship rights to Palestinians.

Apartheid is a crime against humanity and is committed with the specific intent of maintaining a cruel system of control by one racial group over another.

Our campaign comprises over twenty Irish organisations who are committed to social justice and bringing an end to this cruel system of oppression against the Palestinian people.

We are campaigning to persuade the Irish government to officially recognise Israel’s system of apartheid, and to take meaningful action internationally, at the bilateral and multilateral level, to demand an end to it so that Palestinian women, children and men can live their lives in freedom without fear of persecution or violence.

If you want to help end apartheid, sign our pledge!

Find out more about the Irish Anti Apartheid Campaign for Palestine

The coalition comprises the following members;
Action Aid Ireland
Afri (Action from Ireland)
Amnesty International Ireland
Bloody Sunday Trust
Centre for Global Education
Comhlámh Justice for Palestine
Cork Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Frances Black
Gaza Action Ireland
Global Legal Action Network (GLAN)
Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU)
Irish Council for Civil Liberties
Jews for Palestine – Ireland
Kairos Ireland
Sadaka-the Ireland Palestine Alliance
Trade Union Friends of Palestine

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