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 Photo by: Shauna Clinton

5th July 2023, 13:09:43 UTC

Pride is Protest

Every year we at Amnesty International Ireland march in Dublin Pride in solidarity with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex (LGBTI) communities whose human rights are under threat.

This year, we marched in solidarity with those in Türkiye who are unable to celebrate Pride.

Since 2015, the Turkish government has systematically banned Pride events.

Now, as well as threatening to crack down on Pride in 2023, prominent figures are ramping up anti-LGBTI rhetoric with increasing discrimination against LGBTI people being observed.

This year, the Governor of Izmir issued a ban on Izmir Pride, with police using excessive force on protestors looking to march.

Before Pride, we went to the Turkish Embassy to stand in solidarity with the LGBTI community.

Send a message of support to LGBTI people and their allies in Türkiye now.

In Istanbul, despite the authorities’ extensive efforts to prevent any events, LGBTI activists managed to march, despite a huge, intensive policing operation. There have been several reports of protestors being arbitrarily detained at Pride events across the country.

This is why marching in Pride is so important. In too many countries, being LGBTI means living with daily discrimination. Same-sex sexual activity is a crime in 70 countries, and can get you a death sentence in eight countries, including Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Yemen.

By marching, we show solidarity with those whose right to be who they are is under attack. Pride is a protest, and we will keep protesting for everyone’s human rights to be recognised.

This Saturday, we will be marching at Trans and Intersex Pride in Dublin. We will be meeting at 1:30pm on Fleet Street, Temple Bar, before walking down to the Garden of Remembrance to take part in the march at 2pm. We look forward to seeing you all there.

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