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13th June 2023, 16:28:32 UTC

Pride is under threat in Türkiye after years of marches being banned.

People have the right to love who they love and be who they are, freely and without discrimination.

Send a message of support to LGBTI people and their allies in Türkiye now.

What’s the problem?

In Türkiye, Pride faces a battle on two major fronts: LGBTI rights are under increasing attack, while the right to protest has been severely limited for years. Since 2015, Pride events have been systemically banned in Türkiye, preventing LGBTI people from demanding their rights.

Now, as well as threatening to crack down on Pride in 2023, prominent figures are ramping up anti-LGBTI rhetoric with increasing discrimination against LGBTI people being observed.

So now, more than ever, we must take a firm stance against these human rights violations.

We must protect LGBTI rights and the right to protest. We must unite for Türkiye Pride.

What you can do to help?

Act now to show the Turkish authorities that Pride matters and activists in Turkiye aren’t alone. Send a message of support. Together we are more powerful.

Send the message in the box or write your own message which will be delivered to LGBTI activists.

Take action now

  • I would be happy for my message to be used anonymously to promote the campaign and to be sent to Turkish authorities to demonstrate my solidarity. We’d love to keep you updated about our work – including information about our campaigns, fundraising appeals and events – and the impact we have by working together. Please let us know how we may contact you. Please tick the box if you are happy to receive updates from us by email, phone and text message: