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19th February 2021, 14:51:00 UTC

Amnesty International Ireland calls on the Government to ensure its White Paper sets out an ambitious framework for ending Direct Provision, and replacing it with an accommodation model that vindicates the human rights of international protection seekers in Ireland.

We hope and expect that this White Paper, due to be published next week, will commit to fully and finally ending the Direct Provision system, and implementing an alternative approach that protects people’s human rights and ensures their safety and dignity. The proposed new model must comply with people’s right to adequate housing.

We also call on the Government to fully commit to implementing the comprehensive and detailed October 2020 recommendations of its Advisory Group on Direct Provision, chaired by Dr Catherine Day.

The abhorrent Direct Provision system has continued through 21 years of successive governments. So, it is crucial that this Government publish a detailed implementation plan, setting out the key steps, roles, responsibilities and timelines for developing and implementing this new accommodation approach.

The White Paper must fulfil the commitments made in the Programme for Government to finally end Direct Provision and replace it with accommodation that has the protection and promotion of human rights at its core. After 21 years of this inhumane system, anything less will be a wasted opportunity.