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30th September 2022, 13:09:48 UTC

Chow has dedicated her life to fearlessly protecting people’s rights as a human rights lawyer and activist.

Chow was the vice-chairperson of the Hong Kong Alliance, which organized the world’s biggest candlelight vigil commemorating victims of the Tiananmen crackdown.

On 4 June 2021, Chow encouraged people on social media to commemorate the crackdown by lighting candles. She was arrested on that day for “advertising or publicizing unauthorized assembly”. Chow is now serving 22 months in jail for peacefully remembering the victims of a horrific crackdown.

In the face of all this, Chow’s bravery shines through. “To say I’m not afraid would be a lie, but I’m not so afraid I dare do nothing”, she says.

Join our webinar for secondary school students and teachers to learn about Chow’s case and how to take action with your school community.

Webinar Information

Gwen Lee, Campaigner in the East and South East Asia and the Pacific Regional Office, will speak about Chow’s case.

‘Be the change you want see in the world’

This is what Gwen believes in and continues to be motivated by to make bigger impact in the area of human rights. Gwen started her career in women empowerment and capacity building for smaller NGOs in India.

Youth activists and Amnesty staff will share actions and ideas on how to ask for Hong Kong to release Chow, and to send her messages of solidarity.

When: Tuesday 15th November 2022
Time: 12noon to 1pm.

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You will be sent a zoom link to join closer to the time.

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