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19th December 2022, 16:33:07 UTC

At least 26 people are at great risk of execution in Iran. After the nationwide protests earlier this year, Iranian authorities have arbitrarily executed two individuals, following grossly unfair sham trials in a bid to instil fear among the public.

At least 11 people are sentenced to death and 15 people are charged with capital offences and are awaiting or undergoing trials.

They were all denied fair trials, including the rights to adequate defence and to receive a fair public hearing. Some have been tortured and authorities have used their torture-tainted “confessions” as evidence. State media also broadcast forced “confessions” of several defendants prior to their trials.

Thousands have been arrested and indicted in the context of nationwide protests, raising fears that many more people could face the death penalty in connection to protests. Consistent with a long-standing policy of concealing human rights violations and seeking to dehumanise victims, Iranian authorities have not disclosed the identifies of those sentenced to death.

On 8 December, the authorities executed protester Mohsen Shekari after convicting him in a grossly unfair trial of “enmity against God”. On 12 December, authorities publicly executed another young man, Majidreza Rahanvard, in Mashahd, Khorasan-e Razavi province, after convicting him of “enmity against God” in a grossly unfair trial

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Background information:

Of the 26, at least 11 people have been sentenced to death, including Sahand Nourmohammad-Zadeh, Mahan Sadrat (Sedarat) Madani, Manouchehr Mehman Navaz, Mohammad Boroughani, Mohammad Ghobadlou and Saman Seydi (Yasin), Hamid Ghare-Hasanlou, Mohammad Mehdi Karami, Seyed Mohammad Hosseini, Hossein Mohammadi and an unnamed individual in a group trial.

At least 15 others are also at risk of execution. They include Abolfazl Mehri Hossein Hajilou, Mohsen Rezazadeh Gharagholou, and Saeed Shirazi who have been tried on capital offences.

The remainder are awaiting or undergoing trials for offences that carry the death penalty, namely Akbar Ghafari and Toomaj Amir Nasr Azadani, Saleh Mirhashemi and Saeed Yaghoubi; Ebrahim Rigi (Riki), Farzad (Farzin) Tahazadeh and Farhad Tahazadeh, Karwan Shahiparvaneh, Reza Eslamdoost, Hajar Hamidi and Shahram Marouf-Mola.


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