Top Ten Tips for Fundraising

Shy about asking for donations? Here’s why you shouldn’t be:

When you ask for a donation, you are giving people an opportunity to be part of a solution to end human rights abuses. We work tirelessly to support human rights defenders and millions of displaced people worldwide.


Fundraising can seem like a marathon task (pun intended!) but you’ll be surprised at how generous people are and how easy it can be. Here, we share some tips to give you a head start:

1. No amount is too small!
2. Start your fundraising as soon as possible: the sooner you start, the more money you can collect!
3. Set a target: people will ask you how much you’re planning to raise, if you set an ambitious target it will prompt them to give more. Set a target you feel you’ll reach – for example, if you set your target at €300, that’s only 15 people at €20 each.
4. Your first donation is very important. If the first donation is €10 then most people will donate €10. Try to get someone to donate €20/€25 first, people will duplicate that amount if they can afford it. You could also donate the desirable amount yourself first.
5. You can easily share your fundraising page via Facebook, Twitter and email, allowing you to get donations from anywhere in the world.
6. Get people to help: encourage family and friends to raise funds on your behalf. Send them your fundraising page link and ask them to share it with their contacts and on social media to spread the word.
7. Make your fundraising page stand out: Update your page with pictures and let people know how you’re getting on and why you are raising funds for Amnesty! Regularly update your social media pages with the same.
8. Get the word out: contact as many potential sponsors as possible. Get a slot in your school or work newsletter. Add a line to your email signature prompting with the link to your fundraising page. Below you’ll find a png that you can add to your email signature and hyperlink it to your fundraising page. You can also upload it to your social media channels with the link to your fundraising page in the text.
9. Understand that some people will say no, that’s part of fundraising –but expect a yes! Attitude matters when you are fundraising and Amnesty’s mission matters.
10. And remember… persistence really does bring results, so don’t give up!

You can contact us at any time for some help or advice or just to fill us in on how you’re doing