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11th June 2024, 12:22:15 UTC

“Digital technology is really important for activism, but at the moment, it’s not a safe space for LGBTI and women at all.” –Nitchakarn Rakwongrit, a non-binary activist.

But digital tools like social media platforms and messaging apps, essential for activists in Thailand, are not safe for women and LGBTI activists. They are experiencing targeted surveillance, online harassment, and violence – both online and offline.

Thailand presents itself as a champion of gender equality. But the reality is very different.

The online space is crucial for women and LGBTI activists in Thailand because speaking out against the government is strictly monitored and criminalised.

Thai women and LGBTI activists have faced online abuse. They’ve been doxed. They’ve had their social media accounts hacked. Over a dozen women activists have been spied on with highly invasive Pegasus spyware, without knowing exactly who has their private data and how it may be used against them. All for speaking up for human rights and being themselves online.

Digital violence like this has been used to silence women and LGBTI activists. It is an attack on their rights to protest and freely express themselves.

Everyone should be able to freely express themselves without fear for their safety and wellbeing. It’s up to the Thai authorities to make this a reality.

Demand Thai authorities urgently take steps to stop the targeting of women and LGBTI activists with surveillance and online harassment, and protect them from digital violence.


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