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29th April 2019, 12:47:17 UTC

We all want the opportunity to build the life we want and pursue our ambitions. To have work that pays enough, to be able to afford somewhere decent to live. We should all have access to good education, access to a doctor or the hospital, regardless of our circumstances.

But right now, all over Europe, budget cuts and austerity policies mean these things are not guaranteed for many people. Almost 25 million children and young people are at risk of poverty. Unemployment across Europe has risen over the last 10 years. Young people, who should be excitedly beginning their career journeys, have been hit hard by this. It’s hard to afford somewhere decent to live, with too many people living in overcrowded housing or becoming homeless. More than a third of all young adults are still living with their parents because they can’t afford to live independently.

But we can turn things around. Young people across Europe are doing amazing things to shape the societies we all want to live in.

Together we can call on our election candidates to commit to building better, more equal societies.

You can be part of this change! It’s simple:

  • TURN IT UP by sharing this page
  • Follow #TurnItUp on social media to see all the awesome things people are doing
  • Make some noise about the issues you care about and tell politicians what you want by voting in the European elections.