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8th November 2021, 10:17:51 UTC

Real Solutions for Vaccine Equity: leaders in the scientific community in Ireland to call for vaccine equity.

Mission Statement

As a community of scientific and medical experts, we are coming together to voice our concerns about global COVID-19 vaccine inequity. We aim to effect action that will facilitate access to COVID-19 vaccines to all countries. We are petitioning the Irish government to support the following measures:

1. Support the TRIPS waiver to allow vaccine production in low- and middle-income countries as a sustainable solution
2. Ensure vaccine makers facilitate the open sharing of know-how and tech transfer to all relevant vaccine producers to increase vaccine production. This should be done through the World Health Organisation (WHO) COVID Technology Access Pool (C-TAP).
3. Facilitate urgent global redistribution of current vaccine supplies and commit to rational purchasing to avoid vaccine hoarding and wastage
4. Ensure that any strategy for booster vaccines is evidence based and ethical within a global context.

Please enter your details in the form. This mission statement will be released at an online seminar on 17 November. Please note your name will be made public on the release of the statement. This mission statement is for members of the scientific community.

This initiative is supported by Peoples Vaccine Alliance Ireland, the Doctors for Vaccine Equity, the Irish Global Health Network, Oxfam Ireland, Amnesty International Ireland and individuals such as Prof Cliona O’Farrelly.

Sign the mission statement

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  • Your name and profession/area of expertise will be public
  • We’d love to keep you updated about our work – including information about our campaigns, fundraising appeals and events – and the impact we have by working together. Please let us know how we may contact you. Please tick the box if you are happy to receive updates from us by email, phone and text message: