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Mexico Violence against women and justice denied in Mexico State

31st October 2006, 13:39:46 UTC

I was arrested on 4 May in the morning. (…)
They pushed me to the ground and also kicked
and punched me as well as hitting me with sticks
and truncheons. They pulled my hair and
stamped on me and then picked me up and
pushed me face down into a police van, all the
while beating me. (…) Once inside the police
bus, I realized that they were beating everyone
else inside it. In my case, amid all the blows,
insults and pushing, they started to grope me,
first around my buttocks, then to rub up against
my trousers, they touched my breasts and then
they put their hands inside, ripping my bra and
making my nipples very sore. (…) We couldn’t
move and, if we did, they beat us. We’ve asked
about filing a complaint but they took no notice
of us

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