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Mental Illness – The Neglected Quater – Children

30th September 2003, 12:37:58 UTC

Ireland ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1992. While
this Convention represents the minimum obligations of States in respect of
their children, it also marked a turning point in global efforts to guarantee
children the right to healthy survival, development, education, healthcare, and
freedom from abuse or exploitation. Significantly, the Convention enshrined
the right of children to participate meaningfully in their futures. No longer
would it be all right to view or treat them as anything less than full and equal
world citizens. What is so unique about this treaty is that over 190 States
have ratified it, and only two have refused to do so – it is the most ratified
human rights treaty to date. This means that unprecedented consensus
exists on the world stage on how we should respect our children.

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