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11th July 2016, 13:16:57 UTC

Hello to all women fighters and all the people who are with me at this time. I want to thank you for making my struggle your struggle. Thanks for supporting me, for making my voice and my truth heard.

I was quiet for two years. I did not dare to speak. I was scared. I was told that I would get a life [sentence]. I was sentenced only on hearsay, for being poor, for going to hospital, for not having the money to go to a [private] clinic and pay for a good defence attorney.

Since 21 March 2014 I have not been able to go back to my home, I have not seen my family. I was deprived of many things. I just wanted help and ended up being a prisoner, surrounded by policemen and pointing fingers. 2 years and three months away from my home, they snatched my life!

Nobody asked how I felt that night? I was accused and asked if I had had an abortion. My mother was also treated badly. Nobody cared about me. She is an ignorant, she knows nothing, they said, and they condemned along with the police. Justice [authorities] also condemned me. I told them that I did nothing wrong, I did not kill anyone.

I did not know I was pregnant. I weep for the injustice I am experiencing. But I am calm, I know there will be justice for me. I’m now stronger, calmer.

I never hurt anyone, never stole, never killed, did not use drugs. I am a woman who worked all her life. I always did what I must do.

I am eternally grateful to all who are helping me to make my voice heard. From here I send my greetings and hugs. I am very happy that I’m not alone.

Thank you and thank you to all women. We fight together so they hear us, so there are no more women imprisoned for abortion. Now your fight is my fight.

Greetings and my affection for you.


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