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6th February 2018, 12:14:00 UTC

The Hungarian government has presented a set of draft laws on 18 January in yet another attempt to target non-governmental organisations and obstruct the work of human rights defenders

The Hungarian government’s proposal on the “Stop Soros” legislative pack comes amidst a wider effort to stigmatise specific individuals and associations, and has been presented as a bid to stop “illegal migration”, to “strengthen the protection of borders” and to “protect Hungary’s national security interests”.

If adopted, the laws would require organisations that receive funding from abroad — and that allegedly “propagate mass migration” or “support illegal migration” — to, among other things, register with the authorities acknowledging such “illegal” activity and make this stigmatising information public, for example by putting it on their websites and new exorbitant tax on foreign funding. Find out more here.

The EU need to stop this crackdown.

Join our twitter action on Tuesday 6 February and Wednesday 7 February ahead of EU debate. We need the EU to stand with civil society in Hungary.

Here are some sample tweets:

We will not be silent as those who defend us are attacked. @AmnestyHungary, @HCLU & @hhc_helsinki Click To Tweet Hungary is trying to silence NGOs & groups with #LEXNGO2018. Attack on them = attack on us. We stand by @AmnestyHungary, @HCLU & @hhc_helsinki & others. @Eu_Commission do you? Click To Tweet .@VeraJourova to speak in #EPPlenary on attacks against civil society: what will @Eu_Commission do to defend CSOs? Click To Tweet