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4th November 2020, 15:58:24 UTC

Gustavo was blinded after he was shot by the police during a protest in Chile.

In November 2019, amid widespread concern over rising costs of living and inequality, people across Chile came out in protest demanding “dignity”. The world watched as millions demonstrated their yearning for change in the country. But they were met with excessive force by the authorities, and police officers loaded their guns with metal and rubber ammunition.

On the 8 November, Gustavo Gatica, a 21-year-old student of psychology and an avid fan of music and photography joined the protests. Police fired into the crowds aiming at the upper body of protesters, and Gustavo was shot in both eyes. He was blinded permanently.

Even after enduring these injuries, Gustavo hopes that his blindness will help the world see what is happening in Chile; “I gave my eyes so people would wake up.”

On the 20 August the National Prosecutor formally charged an officer with the attacks and injuries suffered by Gustavo and opened an investigation against him. Thanks to the actions of the people supporting Gustavo, we are one step closer to justice. Now we need to push for those in command of the police officers to be held to account.

Take action now to demand justice for Gustavo Gatica.

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