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13th March 2017, 15:46:13 UTC

Good news! Dr Ali al-‘Ekri is free.

On 10 March Dr Ali al-‘Ekri, a prisoner of conscience, was released after serving 5 years in prison solely for treating injured protesters and criticising the excessive use of force used by security forces during the February/March 2011 Bahraini uprising.

Dr ‘Ali al-‘Ekri was arrested while operating on a child in Salmaniya Medical Complex in Manama after he treated injured peaceful protesters and vocally denounced the excessive force used by the armed forces against peaceful protesters during the February – March 2011 protests to international media.

Dr Ali al-Ekri was one of a group of health professional from the Salmaniya Medical Complex arrested in early 2011 and, many of whom, including Dr Ali al-Ekri, held incommunicado for several weeks, tortured in detention and forced to sign “confessions”. They have all since been released.

Dr Ali al-Ekri told Amnesty International that he would like to express his gratitude and appreciation to all those who continuously supported him and his family throughout his imprisonment.

Amnesty International will continue to monitor Dr Ali al-‘Ekri’s situation.

Thank you to everyone who took action and helped secure Dr Ali al-‘Ekri’s release.