Friendship Week resources 2020

Through human rights education we can empower the next generation to develop the skills and attitudes that promote equality dignity and respect in your community, society and worldwide.

Human Rights Stories 

This resource provides five tales of human rights defenders – Fela, Maria, Bobo, Ishmael and Farai. Each story is written in a version for older and younger learners. The resource includes a range of curriculum links, lesson activities class questions, worksheets and teacher’s notes. Engaging with the stories through discussion, creative thinking and character exploration can support the development of literacy. Through the familiar medium of storytelling, human rights situations can be explored on a level which children can encounter the real life impact of human rights in practice.


Qatar 2022 Workbook: Fair or Foul

Human rights are at the core of a sustainable future here in Ireland and across the globe. Having educated citizens to advocate in support of human rights is critical to create such a future. Amnesty International Ireland has a long and positive record in supporting human rights education and ‘Qatar 2022: Fair or Foul‘ is another important contribution to that work. All teachers are invited to use the lessons from our newest resource and to join Amnesty’s efforts in educating our children to both claim their own human rights and to stand up for the human rights of others.


Welcoming Communities: I Welcome

A ‘how to’ guide for Amnesty international activists on creating welcoming communities.


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