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7th May 2024, 14:33:08 UTC

One month ahead of the European parliamentary elections, Amnesty International has published an EU Election Manifesto aimed at inspiring candidates and providing an essential guide for voters who want to see a Europe where everyone enjoys their human rights.

“To achieve a brighter, fairer and more sustainable future, the European Union must put human rights front and centre of its programme for action. We want to see a European Parliament formed by members who will uphold and promote human rights at home and abroad and who are ready to hold EU institutions and that fail to do so,” said Amnesty International’s Head of the European Institutions Office Eve Geddie.

“The EU elections play a decisive role in shaping the day-to-day lives and futures of millions of people. At a time when basic human rights principles and the rule of law are at risk across the region, it’s a vital moment for people to make their voice heard and shape the direction the EU will take.”