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 Vukašin Nedeljkovic/ Asylum Archive

7th August 2020, 13:39:23 UTC

The new Government has committed to finally end Direct Provision, after twenty years of this cruel system. While this is welcome, we need to keep the pressure up. Direct Provision has to be ended urgently and replaced with an alternative that respects people’s human rights. And the Government needs to hear that this is what the people of Ireland want.

Ireland’s Direct Provision system is an ongoing human rights scandal, trapping asylum seekers in limbo for years and violating their human rights. A new approach is urgently needed.

The COVID-19 crisis has shown in a truly brutal way how unacceptable and inhumane the system is. People in Direct Provision have faced this unprecedented crisis in accommodation where they couldn’t socially distance or self-isolate. They were terrified and they were right to be.

Direct Provision is a fundamentally flawed system. No amount of reforms or improvements will ever make it acceptable.

International human rights law is clear; seeking asylum is a human right. The State must ensure asylum seekers receive accommodation and services that respect and protect their rights and ensure their safety and dignity.

We’re also calling on the Government to work with people affected by Direct Provision and the groups that support them in developing an alternative that is in line with international human rights standards.

Sign the petition today.

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