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 © Eloisa Lopez/Amnesty International

23rd January 2020, 12:05:22 UTC

In the run-up to the general election in 2020, we’ve outlined 5 key questions on human rights issues that we think you should be asking candidates.

You can download these as a pdf here or as simple graphics to store on your phone for each of the issues: Direct Provision; Climate Change; Housing; Abortion Rights; Human Rights Defenders.


Will you commit to ending Direct Provision, and make sure an alternative is created that is human rights-compliant? If yes, will you be consulting people who are living or have lived through Direct Provision?


We need to halve global emissions by 2030 and reach net-zero by 2050 to stop the worst effects of the climate emergency. What will you be doing to achieve these targets?


Will you call for a referendum on putting the right to housing – and other economic and social rights like health – into the Constitution, as one longer-term way to resolve the housing crisis?


Will you commit to creating legislation for safe zones at healthcare facilities that provide abortions, and to ending the 3-day waiting period for accessing abortion on request?


How will you ensure the EU does more to protect the rule of law and human rights defenders in countries, like Hungary and Poland, where governments are severely rolling back protections?

We’ve also sent a full briefing to political parties and groups on all the key human rights commitments that we are advocating for in the Programme for Government. See here for more info.

Please note that Amnesty International is not encouraging people to vote for or against any candidates, parties or groups in this election.