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As Safe as Houses? Israel’s Demolition of Palestinian Homes

15th June 2010, 13:20:53 UTC

Palestinians living under Israeli occupation in East Jerusalem and the rest of the west bank face such tight
restrictions on what they can build that their right to adequate housing is being violated. the Israeli authorities
condemn as “illegal” homes and other structures built without the permits that they control and rarely allow to
Palestinian residents, and then order their destruction. Demolition crews, accompanied by security officials, may
arrive at any time, giving families little notice or opportunity to remove their possessions.

Under Israeli military law applied to Palestinians in most of the west bank, evicted families are not rehoused or
compensated. So, those evicted would face homelessness and destitution were it not for relatives, friends and
charities. Palestinians in East Jerusalem fare little better under the Israeli civil authorities.

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