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Amnesty International – Government Spending on Mental Health

28th August 2009, 13:02:32 UTC

Amnesty International Ireland (AI) has a long-term campaign goal of ensuring
that the right of all people in Ireland to the highest attainable standard of
mental health is fully realised.2 Over the next two years we will be
campaigning for changes in law, policy and practice to bring this about.
One of our objectives in this two-year campaign is that people directly affected
by human rights in relation to mental health can hold Government to account
for its obligations under international human rights law.
Currently there are limited mechanisms in Ireland for tracking mental health
expenditure or its effectiveness. Yet accountability is a fundamental principle
of human rights. Individuals need to be able to determine whether their
Government is fulfilling its commitments under international human rights
laws. In order to enable people with experience of mental health difficulties
and NGOs to hold Government to account, AI is seeking improved reporting
on mental health services. Over the next two years, AI aims to ensure that the
Department of Health and Children and the HSE publish more transparent
information that accounts for implementation of Government’s mental health
policy A Vision for Change.

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