Stories of Refuge, Stories of Welcome

The project is co-funded by World Wise Global Schools and is now in its fourth year.

The project involves school workshops delivered by people engaging with the asylum process in Ireland or individuals with Refugee Status.

The project has two core aims:

1. Empowerment of students and teachers to take concrete actions regarding refugee and migrant rights in Ireland; and
2. Increasing the agency of people seeking asylum and/or refugees by training them to become effective facilitators and contributors to Global Citizenship/Human Rights Education and youth activism.

The above results are achieved through a series of three workshops across Ireland:
Workshop One: Stories of Home
Workshop Two: Stories of Borders
Workshop Three: Stories of Welcome

Mboule Yolande Nyanga Project Facilitator

Mboule Yolande Nyanga – Project Facilitator

“This workshop…was very important…barriers were broken down, stereotypes challenged, and because of the facilitators honesty and willingness to share, attitudes definitely changed. This felt so important because some of the students’ peers are in Direct Provision. The final workshop really saw the Transition Year Group take action to ensure everyone felt welcome and all cultures equally respected in our school community” – Teacher

“(The Facilitator’s) personal journey of seeking refuge in Ireland struck a chord with me. I felt so sorry…Many people living in Direct Provision have similar journeys…By listening to her story and her insights, my attitudes to asylum seekers completely changed. I have grown to respect and acknowledge the difficulties asylum seekers face. I have never had to adjust to a new culture, take on a new language, or leave my family and friends behind. These are hardships many asylum seekers have gone through” – Student

Celesta Khosa - Project Facilitator

Celesta Khosa – Project Facilitator

“The Amnesty International experience was a fun, engaging and informative workshop…I learned so much about asylum seekers living in Ireland, and grew to appreciate the importance of inclusion and acceptance in our diverse community” – Student

Read our short case study of the ‘Stories of Refuge, Stories of Welcome’ Education and action project with Santa Sabina Dominican College, Dublin.