Social media moderation guidelines

Our social media spaces are an important platform for sharing our latest news, activities and events. We are dedicated to maintaining a respectful community which actively engages with our work by consuming our content, taking action on our cases and donating to support our work.

Please keep the following in mind when writing comments:

  • Respect others. Please be polite to all the members of our community, including other commenters, authors and the subjects of articles.
  • Amnesty International is a human rights organisation. We post news and updates on a wide range of issues, from our current campaigns on refugee rights, women’s rights and protecting human rights defenders, to our reactive work on human rights violations. Some of our content generates a lot of discussion, which we welcome. However, when our content is purposefully hijacked by those who seek to deny human rights to any group, we will remove the comments. We will also remove comments when the volume becomes so overwhelming that our social media channels cannot serve their purpose (i.e. to inform you about our work and invite you to support us).
  • Our social media spaces should be a safe and welcoming space for all individuals, groups and their ideas. As such, any rudeness, insults, hate speech, hostility or personal attacks, will be removed. Comments that are off topic, repetitive or spam, or comments in a language other than English or Irish will be removed. We will also remove comments which include distressing images and videos or links to external websites.

If you repeatedly ignore these rules, we may block you from our page without warning.

We welcome your comments and interaction, though we’re not always able to respond promptly. If you have questions about our campaigns or policies, you can find out more on our website We also have a series of FAQs which you might find useful: about Amnesty.

We have also developed FAQs for some of our campaigning work, including:

While we try to remove any objectionable material as quickly as possible, it is impossible to moderate content 24 hours a day. Therefore, the views expressed on our social media platforms do not represent the views or policies of Amnesty International.

If you’ve a question or a suggestion for Amnesty International, please contact [email protected] to share your ideas.