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12th April 2024, 10:49:52 UTC

Saudi Arabia’s authorities are intensifying their campaign to silence all critical voices in the country. A mere social media post calling for human rights reforms or criticizing the authorities can lead to decades in prison, travel bans, or even a death sentence. Meanwhile, the authorities’ expensive PR machine is peddling an image of progress and glamour to the world, flying in famous athletes and entertainers to distract from the country’s atrocious human rights record.

Call on Saudi Arabia’s authorities to release all those wrongfully detained for exercising their freedom of expression!

Manahel al-Otabaibi (pictured), a 29-year-old fitness instructor, has been sentence to 11 years in prison. And for what? Tweeting in support of women’s rights.

Human rights defender Mohammed al-Qahtani remains imprisoned for his human rights work despite finishing his 10-year prison sentence last year.

Retired schoolteacher Mohammad bin Nasser al-Ghamdi was sentenced to death for criticizing the authorities on X, formerly Twitter, to a combined follower count of just 10 people.

Salma al-Shehab, a PhD student and mother of two, is serving a 27-year prison sentence followed by a 27-year travel ban for social media posts in support of women’s rights.

Saudi Arabia’s authorities have adopted a zero-tolerance approach to anything they perceive as criticism.

But the world refuses to see what is happening as Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman spends billions of dollars polishing the country’s image and hiding the truth.

Act now and call on Saudi authorities to release all those wrongfully detained for free speech!

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