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17th August 2021, 14:48:54 UTC

Jani Silva, Danelly Estupiñan, Joel Rodríguez and María Ciro defend the environment in Colombia. Because of their brave work, they face death threats and persecution.

Colombia is the country in Latin America with the highest number of killings of human rights defenders and it is the most dangerous country for those who defend our environment.

Environmental defenders find themselves trapped between the violence caused by the armed conflict and disputes over land and natural resources.

María, Jani, Joel, and Danelly are brave people who, together with their Indigenous, campesino and black communities, have been the voices and protectors of our environment and natural resources in Colombia

The threats and attacks usually go unpunished, and the authorities don’t guarantee their safety. So they risk their lives everyday, to defend the water, oxygen, and food that we all depend on to live. The Colombian government are failing them.

The Colombian Congress can make sure President Duque and Colombian government do more to protect the human rights defenders and to guarantee their safety.

Call on the Colombian Congress to establish a ‘commission for the verification of guarantees for Human Rights Defenders’ to monitor how they are protected and to guarantee their safety.

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