Human rights matter as much in Ireland as they do across the world. In addition to our international campaigns we also do limited work on domestic human rights issues, some of which outlined below.


Tell the next Irish Government that it MUST expand access to abortion

Ireland’s laws on abortion violate the human rights of women and girls. And people in Ireland want that to end. 87% want expanded access to abortion. 69% think this should be a priority for the next government and 73% want a referendum to repeal the 8th amendment.

Government refers Constitutional Convention recommendation supported by 85% of delegates to Oireachtas Committee

Northern Ireland’s cruel and outdated abortion laws must be urgently reformed, said Amnesty International today in response to reports that a 21-year-old woman from Northern Ireland is at risk of life imprisonment if found guilty of allegedly supplying and taking so-called ‘abortion pills’.
The woman faces two charges: the first involves unlawfully taking poisonous substances, namely the drugs Mifepristone and Misoprostol, to terminate the pregnancy. The second charge is supplying or procuring a poison, knowing that it was to be used to induce a miscarriage.


Human rights matter as much in Ireland as across the world. 

Amnesty International is a global organisation that seeks to prevent and end grave and systematic human rights abuses. Its primary approach is to campaign and lobby for greater human rights protections, and produce action-orientated research to inform and support this work.