Shell: Clean up, pay up

The sticky black truth 

Shell makes billions of dollars marketing and selling oil and gas each year. But no amount of shiny PR can hide the sticky black truth of Shell’s ongoing pollution in southern Nigeria’s oil-rich Niger Delta.

When Shell came to our community they promised that if they found oil, they’d transform our community

Emadee Roberts Kpai

While the oil wells proved to be full, their promises proved empty. Shell often boasts that it creates jobs in the areas where it works. Instead, oil pollution has destroyed the livelihoods of tens of thousands of people. So while Shell’s executives and shareholders have made a fortune, whole communities across the delta have been driven deeper into poverty.

There are explosions and fires, people injured, oil-filled drinking wells and fish dead in the river. Instead of enriching people, oil has poisoned their lives for more than 50 years.

We are supporting communities to bring Shell to court, to claim compensation and to force Shell to clean up their communities. We have already been successful but other people need our help.