Free online course on human rights defenders

Be Brave: Defend human rights

You can now register for Amnesty’s third massive open online course (MOOC) on human rights. It will help you gain the knowledge to take action to defend human rights by exploring how defenders mitigate risk, take action to defend human rights, and how you can use your voice to join the fight, too.

Learn about the stories, struggles and successes of people defending human rights across the world.

Our online course on human rights defenders is free and open to all. Course materials will open on 1 November 2017. You can take the course at your own pace and in your own time. It takes 15 to 20 hours to complete and we recommend you give yourself four weeks so you can fully engage with other learners from all over the world.

The course will be available from 24 January until 23 April 2018.

Who can take the course?

Everyone with online access can take this course, whether you are in school or college, at university, taking the course as a group, or following it on your own in your free time.

The course is delivered in English, French, Spanish and Arabic.

What will you get?

You will learn:

• How to explain what a human rights defender is
• The risks associated with defending human rights
• How to use your voice to defend your rights and those of others
• How to join others in the fight to defend human rights
• The role of governments in protecting the rights of human rights defenders.

What does the course cover?

• The diverse situations of human rights defenders
• Threats human rights defenders, their friends and families, are facing
• Strategies to mitigate risks and ways to take action

What did people say about our course on refugee rights?

It got me to move from theory to taking action”.

“The course really gave me a fresh and articulate view of human rights, from the perspective of refugees. Now I’m better educated. And I’m primed to do more in future.”

“The course inspired me to further my studies in International Human Rights Law. I am already a lawyer and have been a lawyer for 8 years. I was so motivated I gave up my practice to go back to school to start my Masters in International Human Rights Law”.

“I’m acquiring the knowledge to teach it, for example in my school. In this way I´ll try to create consciousness raising about this problem in my community”

“This course provided me with the background knowledge I needed in order to advocate for refugees in my community. Though I was already engaged with the cause and had a reasonable amount of knowledge about the issues that refugees face, I had no knowledge of their rights in particular. Being able to understand these rights will help me be in a better position to advocate for them in the public arena.”

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