Brave Edit: More visibility for Women Human Rights Defenders

Learn how to promote incredible women’s rights activists at a Wikipedia activism masterclass and edit-a-thon.

Did you know that only 18 per cent of notable profiles on Wikipedia are of women? Even fewer are of women human rights defenders.
You can change this.

We have partnered with Wikimedia Ireland to shine the spotlight on the unsung women defending human rights around the world.

BRAVE:Edit is part of the Brave campaign where hundreds of activists edit and write profiles in multiple languages of women human rights defenders whose brave work deserves to be recognised.

Women human rights defenders are systematically discriminated against. With a better understanding of who they are, the work they do and the injustices that hold them back every day, people can support them. Making these women more visible among Wikipedia’s millions of daily users will also make it harder for existing powers to ignore, repress, attack and silence them.

There are more than 5.5 million entries in the English language version of Wikipedia yet very few of them are devoted to the important work of human rights defenders, and even fewer to the women human rights defenders. There are stories of some truly inspirational women who have overcome huge obstacles and fought entrenched discrimination in defence of human rights. Activists will bring them to a worldwide audience where they belong.

Everyone is welcome to join BRAVE:Edit.

You will get training on the day, and will get the opportunity to edit, update or create new entries on Wikipedia. Refreshments will be provided, please register.

When: Monday 9 December

Where: Amnesty International Ireland, 48 Fleet Street, Dublin 2

17:30- 21:00

The event is now full but please email to register your interest and if a place becomes available we will contact you.