Annual Conference 2017

Join Amnesty International Ireland for Annual Conference 2017, 6 and 7 May at IBAT College, Temple Bar, Dublin.

Our agenda and plenary sessions descriptions are now available here and you can also view the submissions of Motions and Constitutional Amendments.

We live in a challenging time for human rights. There are more people fleeing violence and unrest than at any time since the Second World War. Widespread attacks on human rights defenders, peaceful protesters, prisoners of conscience, journalists, dissidents and minorities are continuing.

We live in a world where leaders and politicians wielding a toxic, dehumanising “us vs them” rhetoric are creating a more divided and dangerous world. The limits of what is acceptable have shifted. Politicians are now shamelessly and actively legitimising hateful rhetoric and policies based on people’s identity: misogyny, racism and homophobia.

The consequences of an “us vs them” rhetoric setting the agenda in Europe and the United States is fuelling a global pushback against human rights. We are facing what could turn into a major roll-back on long-established human rights around the world.

We must join together and stand up for the dignity and equality of all people everywhere. We must resist injustice every step of the way. This is not the moment to sit down in frustration. This is the time to stand together in unity and defend our universal freedoms.

Join us at annual conference to discuss the human rights issues that unite us all. Our weekend agenda packed with keynote speakers and interactive workshops promises to be educational, empowering and inspiring. We’ll discuss Amnesty’s campaign to secure the release of prisoners of conscience and the protection of human rights defenders around the world. We’ll ask ‘what’s next?’ for our campaign to ensure human rights compliant abortion laws for women and girls in Ireland and examine our continuing work to protect the rights of refugees and migrants.


6 and 7 May 2017. Full itinerary TBC.


IBAT College, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Registration fee: 

  • For one day: Member €10. Student / Unwaged €5
  • For two days (both Saturday and Sunday): Member €20. Student / Unwaged €10

To register your place, please pay in advance by Monday 21 April.

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View the agenda and plenary session descriptions for Annual Conference 2017 here. Please note that this agenda is subject to change.

If you would like to make a submission of motions and constitutional amendments to Amnesty International Ireland Annual Conference 2017 please see our guidelines here.