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23rd May 2019, 10:43:27 UTC

Thousands of people have been killed. Despite this unimaginable human suffering, the French government has shown no signs of halting their sales.

Several states have suspended their arms sales to the Saudi Arabia and UAE-led Coalition, including the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark. But other states, including France, are still supplying arms.

A recent investigation by Amnesty International analysing open-source information around the battle for Hodeidah in Yemen identified French-manufactured Leclerc tanks that had been transferred to the UAE were among the military equipment used. Amnesty International has previously verified the use of French-supplied CAESAR truck-mounted Howitzers on the border between Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

On 15 April the investigative news site Disclose leaked classified French military documents, highlighting the widespread use of French weapons in the conflict in Yemen, Amnesty International’s Middle East Research Director Lynn Maalouf said:

“These leaked documents provide clear evidence that French military equipment supplied to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is being widely used in the conflict in Yemen.”

We can put pressure on France to stop the transfers, reduce violations and civilian suffering, and drive home the message to the Coalition that continued violations will not be tolerated.

Call on President Emmanuel Macron to immediately suspend all arms transfers that could be used by any of the parties to the conflict in Yemen – once and for all.

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