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15th November 2018, 15:29:22 UTC

Gulzar Duishenova is a fighter. In 2002, she lost movement in her legs after a car accident involving a drunk driver. The next year, her husband died suddenly and she became the sole carer for her two young children. But she never let it defeat her.

Years later, she met other people living with disabilities who were organizing in the capital city of Bishkek. She realized they faced common problems, including struggling to find jobs because work places aren’t adapted for wheelchairs, or relying on others to lift them on to buses – an embarrassing and intrusive experience.

She’s made it her life’s mission to ensure people with disabilities can live with dignity and move around freely. She’s met officials, organized training for bus drivers and pushed for action on social media.

But she continues to face barriers. She needs help to get down the stairs to her front door. Her road is pot-holed and bumpy, so she can’t push her wheelchair. She faces daily discrimination in a society where women aren’t meant to speak out and people with disabilities are seen as “invalids” with an incurable disease.

But Gulzar refuses to be silenced. Let’s support her today.

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