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18th July 2019, 08:00:16 UTC

Demand the Department of Health and Human Services shut Homestead down immediately.

Being held away from their families for weeks or months at a time, filling out paperwork to request additional sanitary pads, allegations of sexual abuse: the children in Homestead are being mistreated at the hands of the US government.

Children are being held in Homestead and away from their families for over 100 or even 200 days.

Under current law, children are supposed to be moved from Homestead into state-licensed shelters “expeditiously” and within 20 days if possible. Our researchers spoke with one child detained in Homestead for 8 months before being transferred to a state-licensed shelter.

The US government has deemed Homestead an emergency facility and is holding children longer than legally allowed – and in a facility not even licensed by the state. Not only that, but employees are not subject to the same state background checks required at licensed facilities.

We cannot let this happen any longer!

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