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15th July 2019, 14:54:57 UTC

The U.S. accepted refugee families for resettlement — but due to the refugee and Muslim ban it has now abandoned them. Tell the U.S. government to stand by its promises.

The Amari family are Syrian refugees stranded in Beirut, Lebanon, after the U.S. government broke its promise to resettle Ahmed,* his wife Amina,* and their four young children – Amir* (4), Raja* (6), Mariyan* (9) and Hana* (11). All Ahmed and Amina hope for is their children to get an education — their children wish to be a doctor, orthopaedist, surgeon, and designer, respectively.

They were forced to flee Syria in 2013. After over two and a half years of security review, the U.S. finally accepted them for resettlement in 2016. They gave away many of their belongings, as refugees about to be resettled often do, and prepared to travel to the U.S. in January 2017. When the first refugee and Muslim ban went into effect it left them in jeopardy because of the Administration’s discriminatory refugee policies.

The Aziz family are Iraqi refugees stranded in Beirut, after the U.S. government broke its promise to resettle Malik*, his wife Sana* and their two sons, Tariq* and Yousef.*

They fled Iraq in 2013, fearing for their lives after years of harassment and discrimination because they are Christian. The family thought their dreams had come true when they were accepted for resettlement to the U.S. in 2016. Since then, they have been stuck in limbo — “security checks” slowing down resettlement and effectively keeping out refugees for years if not forever.

These families should be able to enjoy their human rights as refugees.

Instead they have been left in limbo, without hope and living in insecurity and fear because the U.S. broke its promise to resettle them. Tell the U.S. government to stand by its promise and admit refugees like these families!

*Pseudonyms used to protect their privacy and security.

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