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11th June 2019, 13:11:58 UTC

A number of Pride events in Turkey are at risk of being banned. Tell the Minister of Interior to bring back the rainbow and ensure Pride celebrations go ahead safely!

Peaceful Pride celebrations in Izmir and Antalya have been banned, and Istanbul Pride is at risk for the fifth year in a row.

These unlawful bans are not the first ones of their kind in Turkey. 2014 was the last year Istanbul Pride went ahead when over 90,000 people attended a vibrant, inclusive and peaceful march. In May this year, a student Pride march in Ankara’s Middle East Technical University was violently broken up by police.

Unfortunately, time and again, authorities in Turkey are trampling over rights guaranteed under Turkey’s own laws, as well as international conventions the country has signed up to.

The planned Pride marches in all cities in Turkey must be allowed to go ahead and be protected. It is time for LGBTI people in Turkey and their allies to start celebrating Pride again. And they need our support.

The Minister of Interior must ensure Pride marches in all cities in Turkey take place safely and protect the right to peaceful assembly without discrimination.

Show your solidarity now and stand with LGBTI people in Turkey. Email minister Süleyman Soylu demanding Pride celebrations in all cities are allowed to take place safely and without any unlawful restrictions.

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