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8th January 2020, 16:05:53 UTC

Ahmed Mansoor is locked in solitary confinement since his arrest on 20 March 2017. He has been sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.

Ahmed Mansoor was the last human rights defender in the UAE who had been able to criticise the authorities publicly. He has faced repeated intimidation, constant surveillance, harassment, physical assault, and death threats.

Ahmed Mansoor was convicted with no legal representation during an unfair trial of ‘insulting the status and prestige of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and its leaders and its symbols’, ‘publish[ing] false information to damage [the] UAE’s reputation abroad’ and ‘portray[ing] the UAE as a lawless land.’

Ahmed Mansoor’s iPhone was targeted using elite spyware only sold to governments. This software turned his iPhone into a tracking device, so that the UAE could spy on him.

The UAE went to every expense to stop the last Human rights defender. The surveillance of Ahmed was so sophisticated and costly, Ahmed became known as “the million dollar dissident”.

Act now and demand that the UAE authorities release Ahmed Mansoor immediately and unconditionally.

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