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28th June 2018, 14:26:37 UTC

Our dear friend and Honorary Chair of Amnesty Turkey, Taner Kılıç, has been in prison since June 2017, as his trial continues. A lawyer and human rights defender, Taner has spent decades defending the rights of refugees and other marginalised groups. No evidence of any crime has been found, yet the government continues to punish him for his human rights work.

Taner’s detention conditions are also worrying. He is being kept in an overcrowded cell with 13 other people, sharing a single washroom and toilet.

Taner’s family miss him desperately. His three daughters want nothing more than to be reunited with him. On 21 June, the court decided to continue Taner’s imprisonment for no legitimate reason. While his family waited excitedly to greet him, he will remain locked away.

The courts are delaying justice for Taner. A recently released police report proves that Taner is innocent of the charges against him. This injustice must end. Taner must be allowed to return home to his family.

Sending an email takes seconds. Please join us in fighting for Taner’s freedom and show the Turkish authorities that we will not be silenced. Send a message to the Turkish Ministry of Justice now, demanding that Taner be freed immediately.

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