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22nd September 2016, 13:32:38 UTC

Solving the refugee crisis starts with one clear statement: I welcome refugees.

Instead of tackling one of the worst humanitarian emergencies of our time, our governments are closing their eyes and turning away. Instead of finding solutions, they’re letting fear and racism poison public debate.

No one seeking safety should have to risk death. Refugees are fleeing bombs and persecution believing that other countries will respect their human rights, and offer them sanctuary. We cannot prove them wrong.

It’s time to say “I welcome refugees”

Our response to this crisis will define the kind of world we and future generations live in. This is our moment to defend the things that unite us as human beings, and refuse to let fear and prejudice win.

Make your voice heard: sign our pledge, then tell all your friends and family about it. Together, we’ll send a loud and clear message to world leaders: Refugees need global solutions like resettlement and other legal ways to reach safety.

I pledge to speak out for refugees’ rights, whenever and however I can.

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