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4th October 2016, 11:55:12 UTC

Show solidarity with refugees like Alan and Gyan

30-year-old Alan and his sister Gyan (28) are Kurds from Syria. They both have a muscle-wasting condition and are wheelchair users.

Journeying on horseback over the mountains to Turkey, they arrived in Greece in 2016 with their mother and two other siblings hoping to make it to Germany – where their father and a younger sister had arrived in 2015.

But by then the northern border with Macedonia was effectively closed to refugees.

Alan told us,“No disabled, no pregnant women… no one could cross. All my dreams were broken in that moment.”

I want to say to the European people that want to welcome refugees, thank you…

Alan Mohammad

In September 2016, after spending nearly 7 months in completely unsuitable conditions in Ritsona camp, Alan and Gyan have finally been able to move to a hotel in Greece with the assistance of UNCHR.

They have started a family reunification claim and hope to join the rest of their family in Germany soon. Please continue send solidarity letters to them, as their long journey continues.

Alan has sent this message to everyone who has shared his story and sent them messages so far:

We are now on another stage of our journey.

Alan Mohammad

“I feel very happy. I am very happy that me and my brother, sisters and my mother are now in a clean, warm place. It feels as if I have returned to a normal life. Living in a tent is not a life.

But while I am happy for my family I feel very sad for all my friends and all the refugees I have left behind in Ritsona camp. There are children and babies there and they are in a very bad situation. Winter is coming and when the heavy rain falls, the tents leak and even fall down.

We are now on another stage of our journey. We don’t know how long we will be here but I hope that soon we will be able to go to Germany to be with my father and my sister, my uncles and my aunts.”

You can send a personalised message of support to Alan and Gyan by completing the email form. You may wish to include:

What touched you about their story
What qualities Alan and Gyan have that have inspired you
Anything you are doing to support and welcome refugees

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