Poll shows Irish people back health and housing rights

13 April 2012

Polling published today by Amnesty International Ireland shows that an overwhelming majority of Irish people want the Government's proposed Constituional Convention to protect health and housing rights.


The Red C Express poll found that 78 per cent of people asked believe that the Constitution should be amended to protect the right to housing and the right to access to healthcare. Around four in five believed the Constitutional Convention should examine ways to do this. 



"The Constitution is the ultimate statement of our national values," said Colm O'Gorman of Amnesty International Ireland. "It provides the guiding principles for economic and social policy.


"The Constitutional Convention could have been a chance to examine how we change the fundamental laws of this country to better protect the human rights of people in Ireland. These figures show this is exactly what the Irish people want it to do.


"But this opportunity is in danger of going to waste. The Government has only specified a limited number of issues for consideration by the Convention, some of them relatively minor and technical in nature. What this poll proves is that what the Irish people are looking for is real structural change, not simply tinkering at the edges and calling it reform." 


Click here for a copy of the poll and a breakdown of responses by key demographics.


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