Stop executions in Iran

 Background information

Iran executes more people than any country, other than China. At least 86 people were executed in January and February of 2011. At least eight of those executed were political prisoners, convicted of “enmity against God” (moharebeh) for participating in demonstrations, or for their alleged links to opposition groups. Amnesty International has condemned a sharp rise in the rate of public executions in Iran – which have included the first executions of juvenile offenders in the world this year.


Worryingly, the rate of executions in Iran is on the rise – particularly the rate of public executions. In January and February of 2011, up to 13 men were hanged in public, compared to 14 such executions recorded by Amnesty International in the whole of 2010. Public executions in Iran are usually carried out by cranes which lift the condemned person by a noose around the neck. They are advertised in advance.

Amnesty International 2010 report on the use of the Death Penalty


Amnesty International Ireland Iran group:

Repealing the Death Penalty in Iran is a priority goal for the Amnesty International Ireland Iran group. To achieve this overarching vison our short term goals are:  

1. Reduce the number of executions per year in Iran

2. Stop juvenile executions

3. Raise awareness of this issue in Ireland